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Statistic: Head injuries are the most common result when children fall from windows.
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Window Safety
Here are some simple tips that will help keep your children safe around open windows:

  • Accidents happen when young children play near open windows and there's no adult around. If the window is open more than a few inches, make sure that an adult is supervising the children at all times.

  • Screens will not keep your kids from falling out of windows.

  • Move furniture away from windows, so that if children were to fall while climbing on the furniture, they will not fall out of the window (open or closed).

  • Never place a child's crib or bed near the window or window blinds.

  • Don't allow your children to play around windows, even if they are closed.

  • If you are replacing windows, install ones that can open from the top, instead of the bottom.

  • Remove window crank handles from casement windows to help prevent children from opening them.

  • Cords from window blinds should be kept out of children's reach.

  • Consider purchasing window guards to help keep your children safe. Look for window guards that can be easily opened by adults and older children in case of a fire.

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